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    • FSP 1200W AURUM PT (80+ PLATINUM)

      The AURUM PT Series delivers high-performance
      • Unique Airflow Technology
      • E-Sync Remote Sensing
      • Maximum Cables
    • FSP CMT510 RGB

      Tempered exquisitely with 4 pre-installed RGB fans
      • Sophisticated Cool
      • Convenient IO Port Location Design
      • Aerodynamic Design
      • Easy and Simple Installation
      • Designated location for PSU
      • 30 mm High Foot Stands
      • Highly Expandable
    • FSP 750W HYDRO MX1

      550W 650W 750W
      • Innovative Semi-fan less with 135mm FDB Fan
      • Fully Modular Design with All Black Round Cables
    • FSP HEXA+ 400

      300W 400W 500W
      • HEXA series but with upgrade high-quality and much value-priced.
      • FSP HEXA+ series comes to fulfill your demand.



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