Power Supply
    • COUGAR 650W GX-F, 750W GX-F

      Top Quality and High Performance
      COUGAR GX-F is a high-quality 80 PLUS Gold certified PSU with flawless power delivery in 50°C environments. Compact, efficient, silent and durable, GX-F is the best answer for those looking for the best value in PSUs.
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    • COUGAR 750W GX-S

      Premium Performance Compact PSU

      GX-S is an 80 PLUS GOLD PSU with a compact design that will deliver consistent power even at 40℃/104℉ ambient temperature. With advanced fan curve tuning to reduce noise levels, optimized protections to protect your components and DC-DC power conversion technology to provide stable voltage outputs, it will fuel countless hours of your gaming life.

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    • COUGAR STX550 STX650 STX750

      Super Silence & Superior Reliability
      • Extremely High Efficiency
      • Compatible with The Latest PC-technology
      • Support Multi-GPU Technology
      • Ultra-quiet & Temperature-controlled 120mm Fan
      • Integrated Air Inlet Design
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